5 Elements to Include in Compelling Web Design

You might think that web design is easy because there are just so many possibilities. Really, that number sits solidly at infinite. You can, quite literally, design anything you want in any way that you want. However, there’s something to be said for elements that are consistently compelling. So no matter what your site is about, keeping focused on those elements is nearly always beneficial.

Five of the elements to include, representing both content and technical potential, include stories about helping, easy navigation, motion-based galleries, simple contact support features, and aesthetics that work with both mobile and desktop persuasions.

Stories About Helping

You can look at great websites, great brands, and compelling browsing experiences, and you’ll find that there are a lot of stories about helping, and they often link together. For instance, Park West Gallery has a main webpage, but they also have linked articles about artistic events where they had kids work on projects that they sponsored. The event not only helps kids, it also helps improve the value of the Park West Gallery website.

Easy Navigation

Very few things are as frustrating inside a website as poor navigation. And because websites are linear, you have to pay much more attention to elements that don’t simply concern ‘forward’ and ‘backward’. So use your resources wisely to create dynamic navigation buttons that both work seamlessly, and fit within the theme of your website flow. Icons, text, size, and ease of use are all important when it comes to getting around your site in the most practical and efficient way possible.

Moving Galleries

While text is probably the most important thing in terms of content in your website, one of the best ways to keep people’s attention on the page once they get there is though great images, and even moving galleries. High quality gallery plugins offer seamless integration into things like WordPress formats, so for a low cost (and sometimes even free) you can get great, compelling functionality.

Simple Contact Support

If people don’t find an easy way to contact you within the framework of your site, they may not want to come back. So, a central element during your design stage is going to be to make sure that you have an easy-to-use form that allows people to contact you directly, without any security risk of them personal data be used inappropriately.

Mobile and Desktop Aesthetics

For the past few years, it’s a known fact that as many people access the internet with their phones vs. their desktops. Because of that, responsive designs when it comes to websites are a modern necessity. Those designs will create the best possible aesthetics for people who visit your site, no matter what way they reach it.