How Design Agencies Can Benefit From Dedicated Servers

Design has been at the center stage of online marketing ever since the inception of advertising. Whether it’s a striking headline, strong logo or eye-catching colors, design ranks top among the essential aspects of advertising.  It’s a no wonder design agencies continue to thrive even in the face of steepening and toughening competition in the advertising world.

But even so, most agencies still experience issues when it comes to delivering solutions to their diverse clients. They experience downtime, system crashes, slow speeds, security glitches among other issues which negatively impact their businesses.

If you run a design agency, and have faced or are facing some of the problems mentioned above, it could be that your server is letting you down. In this article, we will highlight how a dedicated server for design agencies can be instrumental to your business.

So, how can you benefit from a dedicated server?

A dedicated server leverages scalability and power, and it will help you realize a compound return on your monthly investment in the following ways:

The entire web server for your exclusive use

With a dedicated server, you are not sharing resources with any other party – it’s you, and only you. What this means is that the server’s RAM, disk space, bandwidth, CPU belong to you. You also have root access to the server, so you are free to add or remove a program, access the server logs and configure settings. The same cannot be said for other types of hosting.

Accommodate your growing business needs

As stated earlier, the demand for design services is never-ending – as long as there is an advertising need, there is a design need. So, it is only reasonable to want to scale your business after some time. In such a case, your server should give you the flexibility of managing your growing business.  That way, when your company gets bigger and the need for more processing, backup or storage increases, you can still be comfortable. A dedicated server allows you the freedom to enjoy high-end resources now, as you anticipate for the future growth.

Improved performance and reliability

You are working hard to attract prospects and keep existing clients with your high-end designs and innovative ideas. It defies logic to go through all that stress, only to realize that your server cannot withstand high-volume traffic. A dedicated server offers peak performance and reliability and is your best shot at ensuring your clients can access your solutions whenever and wherever. Although it comes at a higher cost than other types of hosting, it gives you higher power, bandwidth and storage to host your business. It offers a fast foothold on the web without the initial costs.


It’s hard to tell, but you could be sharing your server with 100 or 1000 more people on a shared hosting server. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to misuse HT Access or any other critical thing in your shared hosting, resulting in many glitches on the server which can cause chaos and security issues. But since it’s only you in the dedicated server, you won’t need to worry about security problems.