6 Types of Tweets for Better Follower Engagement

For all its flaws, Twitter is a great way to reach new followers and converse with the ones you’ve picked up along the way. Even if some 15 percent of all Twitter accounts are bots, that leaves 85 percent capable of real, human engagement – not algorithm-driven “like this tweet at any cost” engagement.

Whether you’re looking to burnish your personal brand on the United States’ most popular microblogging platform or boost engagement with your corporate handle, it’s crucial that you keep things interesting. And that starts with a varied tweet portfolio. Begin strategically deploying these six types of tweets and see which your followers like the most.

  1. Cross-Posted Social Content

Twitter isn’t the be-all end-all of your social media world. At least, it shouldn’t be. Use your Twitter voice to engage followers who might not otherwise see content you’ve posted on other popular social media properties, like Instagram and Facebook. NBA star Dwyane Wade’s Twitter handle is a great example of the power of cross-posting: some of his most popular tweets merely link to his latest Instagram post.

  1. Thought-Provoking Questions

Sure, a bot could do this – and some, like Deep Questions Bot, do, though with uneven success.

Chances are, your querying skills are better (for now) than a data-soaked bot account. Why not use your platform to ask rhetorical questions that you’ve always wondered – and that you suspect your followers wonder too? If you’re a business account, keep these questions relevant to your industry, but don’t be afraid to wade into controversy either.

  1. Shared Customer Reviews

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn a little. Use your Twitter platform to share feedback from people with whom you’ve worked (or served) in the past. The Twitter handle for Manitoba entrepreneur David Janeson occasionally quotes online reviews left by guests at Gull Harbour Marina, his Lake Winnipeg property. You can surely do that same for your customers, whatever your business.

  1. Screenshots of Intriguing Content

The screenshot is a powerful Twitter aid. Let’s face it: lots of your followers simply can’t spare the time to click through every link you tweet out. If you really want to highlight something in a piece of content you or someone you respect posts elsewhere, screencap it and tweet it out. You’ll get far more likes and retweets when you make your point plain to all.

  1. Original Pics

Instagram might be the market leader among visual social media platforms, but Twitter is coming on strong. Plus, there’s no rule against cross-posting the same pics on Twitter and Instagram, filter or no. (Remember DWade?) Get in the habit of tweeting out a couple candid pics each week, even if they have little to do with your personal brand or business.

  1. GIFs

Ah, the GIF. So simple, yet so powerful. With the caveat that it is entirely possible to overuse GIFs and alienate a good chunk of your follower base forever, the judicious deployment of a funny GIF is a fantastic way to make a point without hitting anyone over the head with it. Generally speaking, GIFs work best in replies or quote tweets.

Mix It Up

Whatever your go-to tweet type, remember above all else that variety is the spice of life – and Twitter. As soon as you feel yourself falling back on your old, boring Twitter ways, head back to a lesser-used format and give your followers something to think about. They’ll reward you with their engagement, and perhaps their loyalty too.