The Communication of the Future Infographic

Communication plays an important part in today’s world. Communication is getting better and better every day by the invention of new devices. Landlines were used in the past and are still used but, it is going down as the cell phone users are increasing day by day.39% of Americans use more of wireless and they don’t have access to wired technologies in their home. The main advantage is to save money, ease of use and portability. Having many numbers for a person can become very confusing and can get frustrated for the person choosing which number to call to.

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There are more cell phones then the total population today. Every minute a person is purchasing a new cell phone across the globe. Wireless penetration in the US now stands at 102%. That figure comes from the number of active mobile devices in the country divided by our total population and it means that there are 1.02 mobiles in use for every American.

Age gap in technology usage shrinks. Older Americans are beginning to see the value of digital communication in their engagement with their providers. In a survey over 1,000 Americans, 82% of baby boomers said that communication from a healthcare professional via text message, voice mail, and email is as helpful.

Text attracts more attention than an email. Consumers read 98% of text messages sent to their many emails are sent that is often a struggle to break through the clutter. Subsequently, for appointment confirmations, wellness/preventive reminders and other time sensitive communications, text is the more trust worthy option.

Higher response rates improve patient care. This is really helpful when having some reminders of appointments where patients can check regularly their phones for appointments which is more reliable. Carrier errors are also not a problem now days as only 10% of messages are not delivered on time due to carrier errors.