Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers Growing Their Social Shares

Every single successful business owner understands the importance of social media marketing so it is quite a shame to notice the fact that bloggers do not really know how beneficial this could be for them. The blogger gains a lot through the fact that he is seen as an individual. This allows him to create a personal brand that would be synonymous with the blog. Social media makes this a lot easier.

Twitter is basically essential for the blogger to promote his blogs and his personal brand. The easy part is opening an account and tweeting. The difficult part is getting yourself known and using proper Twitter practices. We can safely say that social media can be like the “Wild Wild West” – it’s every man, woman or child for himself. There is no person in charge and nobody actually makes the rules. This can make everything highly complicated to understand.

You are told that after you learn how to start your blog through resources like StartABlog123, it is time to write. Then you want to promote what you write. Twitter is a wonderful way to promote but how should you do it? Let’s talk about some really useful tips that can do wonders when you use Twitter for promotion purposes.

Join An Existing Conversation

Twitter is wonderful due to various reasons. One of them is that nobody actually asks you to participate in a conversation. You can simply do it. There is no reason why you should not send out a tweet to a stranger and join a conversation someone else started.

You want to join conversations by looking for keywords that are specific to your interests and blog niche. This automatically means that you would use hashtags. When you see that there are hashtagged conversations that are currently in progress, watch them. If you think that you can add value, join in. Just make sure that you never do this without positivity.

Connect Twitter with Your Blog

After you have the blog and a new Twitter account, you want to make it as easy as possible for the followers and readers to move between them. That is easy to do when you connect the Twitter account with your blog. Make it as easy as you can for the readers to follow the Twitter account. Make sure that you share absolutely all the articles that you write on Twitter. Plugins can easily facilitate this task. In the tweet that you create you want to include the URL of the blog. Add this to great conversations and your traffic is going to grow at quite a tremendous rate.

It is possible to automatically share every single new blog post on Twitter. However, most of the plugins that do this will not share in an appropriate way. It is recommended that you always include an image in your blog posts. That image can be manually added to your tweets in order to enhance visibility. Such an approach makes it much easier for a person to be attracted and then share it. This could be the very first step towards gaining a viral effect that would bring in so much traffic to your blog.

Use Twitter to First Promote Others And Then Promote Yourself

Obviously, it is really important that you promote your own links and y our blog posts on Twitter. However, nobody really likes people that shamelessly promote their own content and only that. The best practice on social media is to mainly promote others. A commonly accepted sharing rule is known as the 80-20 rule. It practically means that 8 out of 10 shares you post on Twitter should point to content that is not associated with you. Just 2 out of 10 should point towards your content.

Make sure to retweet high value content that is really good and that offers value for people interested in aspects related to your blog niche. That will show followers that the account should be followed as it offers high quality information. As an extra tip, whenever you add a retweet, do add your own description.

Follow People That Follow You

Obviously, you will not want to follow every single Twitter account that follows you. However, do constantly analyze the new followers that you get. Those that you engaged with in a conversation should be followed back. Also, agencies or high authority industry professionals should be followed even if these accounts do not follow you. The follow-back can be seen as a great courtesy, one that can lead to valuable partnerships in the future.

Tweet Often

This is, perhaps, the most important thing that has to be mentioned. One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make is that they tweet only when they publish something or just a few more times. That is not a great approach on Twitter since great content is easily lost due to the sheer volume of tweets that appear every single second.

In most situations, marketing specialists recommend that you posts around 10 tweets per day. Think about the 80-20 rule that we mentioned above. Join conversations, tweet to get ideas for future blog posts, share great content and try to be as social as possible. Besides the industry specific posts that you share, you can also share articles that are important for you as an individual. For instance, if your favorite artist wins an award, tweet about it and show that you are happy. That only makes the blogger look more human.


On the whole, we can say that Twitter is all about interactions and conversations. You want to interact with other bloggers and with your blog visitors. Conversations can be started or you can participate in those that already exist.

The problem is that many do not actually know much about how Twitter works. Take your time to read as many articles as possible about social media. Interact with those that can help you and in the event that you cannot do this alone, seriously consider hiring a social media manager. You want to properly use Twitter and this is not something that you will learn overnight.