Tune-up Software: Solution to Slow Computers

Computers arrive in your house untuned or not optimized. Once you have optimized them they become unoptimized as time goes by. When your computer starts becoming slow, it’s a sign that you might want to start tuning up or maintaining your PC. But what if you don’t have time? Then you can use tune-up software like that available from OneClickReplica.com, to reduce the things you’ll need to do. Tune-up software is very convenient, especially when you are on a busy schedule and don’t have the time to optimize your computer manually. They’re usually simple and easy to use: just install the program and run it.

Benefits of Using Tune-Up Software

To many, tuning up your PC is a time-consuming task that requires hours of attention, especially during your first initial tuning. However, this can all be forgotten if you use tune-up software instead. The software will likely do everything for you, all you have to do is use it. Another benefit of using tune-up software is that they can be customized to be automatic, meaning that you can set a scheduled maintenance and the tune-up software will do it for you.

Yet another benefit of tune-up softwares is that it lets even users who don’t have a lot of knowledge about computers be able to tune their PCs, especially when they don’t have much free time. Everything needed to tune your computer is in one application, so there’s no need for them to research, they just need to follow the instruction manual. Of course, tune-up software only takes care of the software aspect of the computer. It is still recommended for users to learn how to clean the computer’s hardware, especially the fan and the heatsinks.

Is it Okay Not to Use Tune-up Software?

Yes, because using tune-up software is just optional. The other option is for the user to be able to learn how to maintain a computer manually, that is if he doesn’t mind. The benefit of not using tune-up software is that the users are able to take time getting familiar with how to tune a computer manually.

The question is why would you choose to not use tune-up software, especially free ones? Convenience should no be put aside easily. It’s better for seasoned computer users and new users to use at least a free trial or an express version of tune-up software. Using tune-up software allows for less errors when performing maintenance.


Tune-up software is a smart way to decrease time spent in tuning up or maintaining computers and let even new users maintain their own PCs. Most of this software is free or has trial versions and there’s no reason for people not to use them. There’s also a few other things you can do that tune-up software can’t, like increasing RAM and using ReadyBoost, and it is recommended that you do everything to optimize your PC’s performance.