Trends in Website Designs for Businesses in 2015

Are you considering building your own website for your small business, for your blog, or for your e-commerce company? Perhaps you need a site to promote a personal project or you simply want to try your hand at designing a site in order to build your own website design company, much like the pros at a web design Dubai company have done.

Photo by RC Designer

No matter what your reason is for wanting to build a site, though, the important thing to consider is what the site should look like and how it needs to function. Consider incorporating the latest trends in web design for businesses of all kinds, from the smallest to the largest, below.

Long Scrolling Pages

Long scrolling pages on websites have been around for a while now, and they are not going away anytime soon. Instead, they are growing in popularity. While most websites have focused on a long scrolling homepage, the trend now is to incorporate long scrolling on all webpages throughout a site. And if you do it right, you can even create a one-page website using this design technique.

Why are long scrolling sites so popular? First off, it makes navigating through a website easier while on a mobile device. It’s also easier for visitors to scroll down a page rather than get the information they need by clicking through a bunch of menus.

To make an otherwise boring long scrolling page more interesting, you can add images and design elements like animation.

Interactive Design

Interactive design elements are also a trend for websites in 2015. In addition to informative content and storytelling, website designers are also focusing on interactive designs that make navigating through a website fun.

For example, you may pair interaction with animation that makes your site respond to a user who scrolls or hovers over various elements on the page, rather than focusing solely upon standard clicks for more information.

Responsive Design

If you aren’t designing a responsive website in 2015, you’re definitely missing the mark. Consider how many people surf the internet while they’re on their smartphones and tablets. Now consider how difficult your website would be to navigate on those products if it isn’t using responsive design to make the site display properly on mobile devices. In fact, responsive website design can now be considered a necessity more than a trend.

Remember that designing a responsive website requires extra skills, so this may be difficult to do on your own. Thankfully, there are plenty of website design companies to choose from, such as Web Design Dubai, that can help you.


Simplifying your website’s design by getting rid of any non-essential elements throughout it is yet another growing trend in web development. For example, you may choose to remove a big header background image, as well as background colours, images that don’t really need to be there, and really complicated layouts.

Simplicity is the keyword here, so go for clean yet attractive designs instead. These are less cluttered but just as effective.