Tips in Choosing the Right Stock Photos for Your Website

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. That’s often considered true, especially if you own a website. Oftentimes, website owners fall into the idea that the only thing that makes readers constantly visit their websites is the content. However, many forget that content is not only composed of words. It also includes photos.

There are lots of photos that you can get for free from various free stock photo databases online. However, with thousands of photo collections to choose from, it can be a challenge for you to pick the best stocks photos for your website. To help you, this article will give you tips on how to choose the right stock photos that are perfect for your website.

1. Play with emotions

The emotional content of any photo attracts more attention than the article headline itself. Get your audience to read your content by feeding their emotions through stock photos that evoke their needs and wants.

Let’s say, you have a blog about cupcakes. Play with the emotional side of your feature article by tickling the cravings of your readers with stock photos of decadent cupcakes. Once you captivate their emotions, they will surely read your article.

2. Pick the stock photos that will stick in their memory

The goal is not to choose just any fancy-looking photograph from a free stock photo database. As a website owner, pick photos that will convey the message that you are trying to imprint in the minds of your readers. Play with the power of the subconscious mind by choosing photos that directly define what the subject matter of your write-up is all about.

3. Match your stock photo with the headline

The idea is basic: emphasize the focus of your article by matching the message of your headline with your photo. As your headline tells the readers how relaxing it is to stay in a particular hotel, your photo should match with it to create the same powerful message of relaxation.

4. Use keywords to guide you

As much as possible, narrow down your options in choosing stock photos for your website by using keywords to guide you. For example, if your article title is “10 Ways to Lose Weight Fast”, your keywords would be weight, weight loss, and other related terms. Your stock photo should be related to those keywords. Relevance is the key, so make your photos relevant to the topic of your content.

5. Choose high-quality photos

Humans are naturally visual creatures, so you should use that to your advantage. Choose photos that are of high quality and high resolution. Also, if possible, choose the ones that are shot by professionals. A bad photo equates to a bad article in the minds of many people. High-quality photos will help maximize your audience’s experience and will encourage them visit your websites more often.

6. Choose unique photos

They say that curiosity killed the cat. To make a powerful impact to your website visitors, choose unique photos to pique their curiosity. Free stock photo databases have a wide collection of unique pictures for you to choose from, so maximize your options here. You have to set apart your blog identity and raise your brand awareness by making not just your content unique but also making your photos exceptional as well.


Make your audience act on the products you are selling by choosing the right photos to share your message. Remember, first impressions last. So, take your time in choosing stock photos for your website.