Taking the Lead in with Graphic Web Design

In the 21st century, a successful website takes more than just black text on a white background to attract and keep visitors. However as has always been the case a website can become too flashy and be distracting to your visitors. Therefore it is important that you know what you’re doing when creating your website or invest in someone who does. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your website through graphic web design.

Hire a Professional

Hiring the pros to help build your website is probably the best way to go. Many professional firms, such as Jakob Marketing Partners, offer services which can provide guidance in creative marketing and graphic web design. These companies will provide a team that will work with you to create branding strategies to improve your website’s performance online, through exciting new logos, videos, and interactive flash content, all aligned online in a way that flows and makes sense to the visitor. In many cases the same team will provide continuing support for your website down the road as your business evolves.

Take a Course (or a few)

If you’re not able to hire a professional, or you can’t afford it, taking an online or in person course in graphic and/or web design can be a great way of helping to ensure your website looks great and is functional. Courses are available from a number of sources ranging from the very basic to the most complex. Courses can cover topics such as typography, web page scripting, advertising concepts, branding, digital illustration, interface design, and more. Taking one or just a few of these courses is sure to greatly increase your knowledge level, and ability to create a great website.

Wing It

Sometimes winging it is really the best way to go. However, even then you’re not all on your own. There are obviously many great websites scattered all across the net. When you’re thinking of how to design your own website, look at a few others first. Think of some websites you visit that are attractive and highly functional. What makes them great? Also think of some of the websites you visit that frustrate or bore you. Why do they do that? What makes them so bad? There are also many great collections of websites to take a look at in several places online for inspiration.


There are plenty of different ways to make a great website. Whether you opt to go with a pro, teach yourself, or just jump straight in, you can end up with a beautiful and highly functional website. In the end, the best tip anyone can give is to make a website you would want to visit, because your visitors will probably enjoy it then too.