Slotomania Free Slots App Review

Slot machines, the very word would make you feel elated; for they let you play and earn money. Put some money and press the lever. Many chances are there that you can make the money double or triple. Unfortunately, the likelihood of losing money too exists. However, slim the chances of winning are, you can see that playing slot games is loved by so many people, and this is why they shout Las Vegas, when they get time for a week and enough money to spend. Given the criteria that one should have money and time to play the slot games in Las Vegas, it can be clearly seen that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Still if you want to play slot games, then get to know there is a more convenient method, which lets you play a variety of slot games and without having to go to Las Vegas.

Slotomania- the Free Slot Game

The Slotomania is a free slots app that lets you play 55 games on the go. You can enjoy this on your Android phones or the iOS devices. The best part is that you can play the games on Facebook too. You can play with the virtual coin, and then click the button instead of the lever. Then game is decided based on how the wheel moves. When you are able to keep winning, you can move up the levels. This means as you win you can keep playing. For the less fortunate gamers, the game lets you exit without gaining anything. But do not lose heart when you exit, for the account, again gets filled with the free virtual coins the next day and you can start playing again. Also, if you have friends playing this game, then ask them to gift you a few coins. The same way you too can give away gifts to the friends who are in need. The gamers have complete control on the coins spent on each spin, and you can also decide how many rows you need to match per spin.

What is unique about Slotomania?

As aforementioned, this is a package that contains 55 games, and there are new updates coming over every now and then. You can find many updates like All Star Christmas, where you can play with Lucy in the snowy mountains, and other games that deal with the witchy themes. They make the slot games even more exciting and gripping. You can play with the school supplies and the monster kids with the spooky school, and Flaming Devils lets you play with the angels who are too hot for the heaven. To earn more bonuses, you need to play Lucky Derby.


Playing on mobile or on Facebook, this is the perfect way to enjoy the slot games. A variety of themes for the games is excellent, which would let you feel never monotonous. Download the game for the platform you use and start enjoying it. You can start playing instantly with the signup bonus of 500, and as you keep winning, you will start add points to your account, and move to the higher levels, enjoying the myriads of flavor the game offers.