The Real Truth on How to Get Ranked on Google

It’s one of those simple and complex answers. Contrary to popular belief, getting your website ranked on Google is not a battle with the search engine giant. Google is not your enemy. Google really wants to rank your website if it’s what the people are looking for. Consider their business model; they bring you what you’re searching for. I am sure you use them yourself when you’re trying to find something. So when you search something, what you want as a search result is what that you are looking for. It’s as simple as that. So you have to make a website that gives people what they want and then let Google know how good it is. We travel the world and work through a VPN to manage websites. Getting them ranked and popular is what allows us to keep doing so. So here are the basics.

Don’t listen to secret formulae firms, there are no tricks

I am sure you have received hundreds of emails that make ranking offers to you in the past. Telling you how their company can rank you in first place in 35 seconds or less with a secret formula and they know everything. Almost all of that is not true. Most of these places will just do the basics that are required and hope that your page will rank higher. It’s a game of numbers to them. Don’t fall for this game as it’s just a good way to lose money. I know we all dream of the Fast Fix and the easy path, but this is not it.

A lot of good content

Fill your site up with good content. Write and write more. We can’t emphasize this enough. Remember what Google is looking for. Make a site that people want to use and is easy to navigate. The more information that you can give people in a palatable form the better Google likes it. We ourselves, often make websites a bit like the standard news story. The titles and easiest bits are first, a deeper explanation paragraph is next, and then link too deeper and more complete content from there. This way people can get as much information as they want to read. The only caveat on this is do not repeat the exact same information in multiple places on the site just trying to pad the website out. This will get you penalized by Google.

Become THE authority with your site

Many years ago, there was a company whose business profile was to make a magazine for a niche. They would make a magazine for mountain biking for example, and then become the authoritative magazine for mountain biking. They made a fortune as making money was then easy. Everybody that had anything to do with mountain biking had to advertise with them as they were the main player.

The web is no different. You want to become the authority on whatever your subject is. If you’re selling shoes or telling people how to learn to fly, it makes no difference. You need to become the authority and give them everything they could possibly want to know on that subject. If they know anybody else that wants the same subject, they will refer your site because they know you are the best site. Other sites will link to you as well as you are the best site. Google will notice this and you will start to rank, and if you are the best site out there, you will more than likely rank at the top.

Do all the technical Google things

Having said all this, once you have created your authority site, you will still have to do all of the things that Google wants you to do. These are not tricks. You have to make your site responsive, so it can be seen on a cell phone. More and more people are visiting sites on their cell phones, and do you really want to lose all those customers? You need to use SSL for security. You need to put a page of terms of service and other such information. Google has a whole website devoted to telling you what you need on your site. All you have to do is follow their list.

We hope this article helps you in understanding how to get ranked on Google. We are sorry there are no fancy tricks and shortcuts, but really it’s like anything in life, you get what you work for. Take the time and effort to make a great site as that’s what Google wants to see. The benefits are immense to being ranked in first place. For example, if your site is about mountain biking again, and 1 million people monthly search for mountain biking. Being ranked first will give you about 300,000 people going to your site a month. That’s a lot of potential money. For an added note, never forget to protect your site from cyber-attacks or hackers, as you want to make sure you keep making that money when it comes in. Like life, work to be the best and it will be recognized.