New Ways To Market Your Business

The marketing landscape has changed drastically in the past few years alone and technology is at the heart of it all. New trends are coming along all the time and top marketing strategists need to be constantly aware of what is and isn’t going to work if they want to make the most of their budget. We are looking at some of the top marketing techniques to help you find better, more rewarding ways of marketing your business without wasting your budget.

Social Media

Social media marketing is about more than just posting pictures and spamming your audience with links. We’re learning more and more about the technical aspects of social media. By properly utilising analytics and social media scheduling software you can really make the most of your social media marketing campaign.

Before you dive right into posting, you need to take time to research your audience and find out what kind of content your target market enjoys. This can be done by looking at the social media profiles and content of your competitors, following groups, reading forums and blogs, or even by conducting a few customer surveys. At the end of your research, you should at least have a basic idea of what type of posts your followers are most likely to respond to.

Once you get started with posting, use the Analytics and Insights tools to find out which posts are getting the most reactions from your followers, at what times you need to make your posts in order to reach the most people and what type of content encourages link clicks. Like any other kind of marketing, the key to success is to keep track and continually adapt.

Pitch Like A Pro

For most people, the quality of content is the biggest indicator of the quality of a business. If your product images are grainy and dark, your website layout is a mess and if your written marketing material is old and full of spelling mistakes, you aren’t likely to get much of a response from your audience. Quality should always be your number one priority and one fantastic piece of content will always receive better results than ten pieces of poor content. Even if you’re just a small business, your marketing materials need to make you look like you own the world!

Digital marketing is taking over the world, so your online identity is something that needs to be prioritised. Your web design, photography, logo, online content, online ads and presence on social media should be the first things to get a makeover. First impressions are important, so make sure you never waste an opportunity to grab someone’s attention. After your online image has been perfected, you can look into other marketing materials that need updating. If you’re a B2B business or service provider, the material that you have available at your place of work are probably just as important as what you have online. When potential and current clients come in to talk or receive information, a poorly put together slideshow and some creased leaflets aren’t going to intrigue them.

In order to make a great impression you need to go the extra mile. If you’re expected to give a presentation, consider using Prezzi rather than showing them a typical PowerPoint slideshow. This presentation tool allows you to customise your presentations to make them more interesting and engaging. Rather than showing them the leaflets you had printed when you first started your business, consider purchasing video brochures. These little gadgets can play videos and soundbites and can even be interactive, which is sure to capture your desired audience’s attention. With these you can showcase your products or services in the best possible light and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is beginning to become a serious trend and if you want to capitalise on this marketing strategy then now is the time. Utilise remarketing, website analytics and the tracking of customer behaviour in order to identify potential buyers. This type of marketing is becoming more effective because rather than throwing your ads out into space and hoping something comes back, you are identifying where your ads need to go and which people should be looking at them in order to lead to a conversion.