Is Blogging Still Relevant Today?

There used to be a time when, in order to share information with one another, people resorted to a lot of talking. Giving important instructions, as well as explaining a particular concept to another person meant spending a lot of time actually and physically relating with each other, with one person doing most of the talking and the other listens.

In the present time, however, you no longer see many occasions of such exchanges. What you have instead, are blogs. This fairly recent invention of sharing information and posting articles online is now all over the place, seemingly coming at a dime a dozen. Given how commonplace blogging has become (perhaps even your next door neighbor is a blogger), it’s safe and understandable to ask: is it really relevant to still get into blogging?

The short answer is: yes.

Top Reasons Why You Should Still Be Blogging

While not every person should essentially have a blog (it doesn’t always work for everyone, particularly for those who are not that much into writing), there are some unarguable benefits that one can experience, if he or she should ever try to get into blogging. Here are a few of them, and who knows? You just might become a successful blogger yourself.

First of all, blogging boosts your self-esteem

Blogging is a good way to enrich yourself, especially when it comes to achieving a higher level of self-worth. You see, you get into blogging only after convincing yourself that you do have something that’s worth saying and worth reading. Not only that, it’s a great way to practice the art of telling yourself that you’re a person who can teach; others can learn a lot from you. Surely, that would be a great pick-me-up, right?

Second, blogging can help you rake in good money

Take note of the word ‘can’, which means it’s not really a 100% guarantee. However, you still have good chances, if you strategize really well in terms of how you market your blog. If you visit Amazon, for instance, you’ll find that there are a lot of products that you can help feature on your blog, for a fair price, of course. The possibilities for you earning money through blogging are truly endless.

Third, blogging is a great way to build and expand your network

Yes, you read that right. When you begin to blog, you also start to realize that you really can’t expect to do everything alone. At some point, you are going to need a community of bloggers that will serve as your source of support and inspiration, especially through the hard times (when you feel you’re not getting enough visitors and clicks, for instance). So as you blog, you’re not just writing, you’re making a lot of friends in the process.

Indeed, the choice to do blogging or not lies in your hands, literally and figuratively. You only need to work out for yourself if you’re up to the challenge.