How to Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

If you own a dental practice you may be wondering how you can make your dental clinic stand out from the crowd. It’s always great to bring in new patients, but how can you make your dental office stand out over the next down the road, and of course, the one beside them too. Don’t worry, our tips are going to help not only bring you new patients but will help you stand out so you shine. Keep reading to learn more.


Have you ever heard of SEO? SEO for dentists is critical for many reasons. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is what ranks websites on search engine sites like Google and Bing. It’s critical for a dental office to have an SEO strategy in place as part of their marketing strategy because that’s where a lot of their new clients will come from. When a person moves to a new town one of the best ways for them to find a new dentist to see is to Google one. They will also Google a dentist in their area if they are in an emergency. That means if your website is ranked high on Google, you will get a lot more of calls and in return have a lot more patients. If you are unsure of SEO and how to make your website stand out better, try getting in contact with a company that does. It really will be one of the best investments you can make.

Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing, online marketing just like SEO is key to making your business stand out. Your brand needs to make a name for itself and one of the best places to do that is through online marketing. Make sure you are running your social media pages regularly and have someone in charge or checking to make sure no new messages come in. If they do, they are an easy lead and will help more customers come through your doors. It will also simply help your company to stand out online if you can be found in multiple spots.

Highlight what makes you unique

What makes your dental practice unique? Can you treat the entire family including children at the same time? Do you have unique hours that may work better for someone that works, are you in a great location close to a lot of great things that will be helpful for others. Try and make a list of what makes you unique and make sure that is known. Make it known on your website, throughout your marketing strategies, and even when someone walks through your door. This will help make you stand out from your competitors.

Have a lot of testimonials

People trust others judgment. This means you want to try and have as many testimonials as you can. Try posting some of these throughout your office. These testimonials that you are strategically choosing can even include something that makes your practice unique. Perhaps others did not know your practice had that while reading the review and now are intrigued about it. Ask patients on your social media channels to post a review about the great experience they have had. You can also ask patients as they are waiting to post a review and say it will really help you out. Since they probably have their phone right there, it should be no problem. It’s also a good idea to respond to testimonials as they come in. Even if it’s a bad review, future readers will appreciate you taking the time to clear anything up or to at least gone through and responded to the review.

Keep your branding consistent

It’s important to keep the branding consistently. This is ultimately what will help people remember your name when they are seeing you online or throughout any of your efforts. If you use a specific color, make sure that color or colors are uniform across any flyers, your website, or anything else you do. This is the same as your font. Keep it uniform.

Have a quality logo

Just like your branding, you want to be remembered from your logo. This means it’s a good idea to invest in a quality logo if you don’t already have one. Make sure your logo goes on all your marketing supplies and in your office. This will help people to remember it and remember you when they see it in the future.

Make sure your dental office has a sign

Can you see your office sign from the road? When people are driving past your office it’s important that they know what your office is. If they live close by and are looking for a new dental office to go to, they will remember your office is close to their home and probably give you a call. It’s easy branding especially if you live in a high traffic area. Make sure your sign not only has the official name in it but the word dentist or dental too. This will ensure people know what type of business you are.

As you can see, there are a lot of things your dental practice can be doing to help it to stand out against the rest in the area. We understand it can be stressful and a lot of work to make your dental office stand out and that is why we are here to help you and your dental marketing efforts. For more information, contact us today.