How Ideal is the Cloud Backup Robot for Data Backup?

The Cloud Backup Robot is a data backup software for Windows. It is simply software that you download on to your computer to help simplify your data backup process while also increasing your flexibility on such data storage options.

This software program is ideal for backing up folders, files, and for the database admin, backing up their Microsoft SQL Server Databases. You can opt to store or save these backups on your local drive, on a network platform or even in the cloud at DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Amazon S3.

It offers great flexible when it comes to all your data back-up needs, being a perfect solution for both the novice computer user as well as the advanced programmer and database administrator.

The individual user can quickly backup all his/her data and files with the ease of clicking a single button. This also comes with the ability to even automate the entire process so that it is automatically carried out on a set schedule.

The database admins and developers, on the other hand, enjoy this software’s ability to back up MS SQL databases without interfering with the MS SQL Server and its workings work.

This software also comes with a simple single-click recovery of data process on top of the functionality that allows for the removal of any duplicate files. This reduces confusion when you want to access or restore data as there are no duplicates. You also save on storage space when the duplicate files are deleted.

The features on this backup software for Windows are overwhelming. Not only does it make the otherwise painful data backup process easy, but it also opens up options for you that allow huge flexibility on how you store your data (the formats – compressed Zip etc.) as well as where you store your data (locally on your drive, on your network, or in the cloud).

This is what makes it very ideal for the novice and ordinary Windows computer user as well as the expert programmer and database administrator. It is also very ideal for anyone who values security of their data. You can opt to have the backed up data stored in more secure cloud storage, or on a remote server.

The bottom line is that the Cloud Backup Robot is one of the best Windows data backup solutions ever made. As much as you may want to trust the modern more secure and upgraded computer systems, there is still the risk of theft and hacking that may result in data loss. This is why you need this awesome piece of software.

It is a quick solution to the pain that is data backup, even allowing you to schedule automated backups. This frees you from regular manual backups hence more productivity. While at it, you also easily recover lost data with a single-click restore button. This is on top of the magnified access to your backed up data which is in the cloud. You can be able to access this from any location worldwide as long as there is internet.