How to Choose the Right Website Broker?

Choosing the right website broker is important as it will allow you to get the maximum compensation from the sale of your website. There are a lot of companies that provide website brokerage services but not all are reliable. There are a few things that you should look into when deciding whether to hire the website broker.

You should visit the about us page at the website brokerage firm’s site to learn more about them. They should not make unreasonable claims that do not have evidence, for example, boasting a sale of 5,000 websites when they have no evidence of customer testimonials on their website. In the about us page, you can find out how long the website broker has been selling websites for other people.

You can check the office address listed on the contact us page of the company to see if the address really exist. The address of the office should not be a P. O. Box. It is best if the website broker that you want to hire is a member of a respected organization like International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). The website of the website brokerage firm must be user friendly and load fast.

You can observe the types of website in the listing at the website. There should be at least 3 – 7 listings of websites on sale at the broker’s site. You can contact the website broker and ask him questions about the website such as monthly unique visitors, bounce rate, and sources of the traffic. You can also ask the broker questions like how many websites of the same type as yours did he managed to sell, what is the average length of time a website remains on the listing, and the frequency that they receive offers from buyers that are near or match the asking price. Get more details at

You can ask the broker to explain the process of selling the website. The broker should explain how the valuation of your website is carried out. There is not set method for performing valuation on a website. The majority of the website value is determined based on the yearly income after minusing the expenses of managing the website. The broker must be able to give a realistic valuation of your website. The website should not be valued too highly as people will not buy if it is too expensive.

It is important that the broker is able to find you potential buyers that will pay a good price for the website. You can find out from the broker how big is the network of buyers he has. If the broker claims to have thousands of buyers, it is possible that his buyer network is not targeted and come from a mailing list. A broker with a small buyer network may be better as the buyers will be more targeted and show real interest in buying your website.

Before hiring, make sure you ask the website broker for a sample memorandum. The memorandum is the presentation document that the broker will show to the buyer. You can read the sample memorandum and see if it is persuasive enough to persuade the buyers to buy the website. You can ask the website broker for referrals on the previous clients whom they have helped to sell the website. The website broker must offer fast customer support. When you contact them for help in selling your website, they must be fast in responding to your email.

Professional website brokers will handle the entire stages of the website sale on your behalf and this include providing legal assistance. The website broker you hire must be experienced in preparing all the necessary legal documents. The legal document will include all the terms that you and the broker have already discussed. He will advice you to get a lawyer to review the document prior to you putting down the signature. It is advised that you don’t hire a broker who does not ask you to seek help from an attorney.

The website broker must keep the sales process of your website confidential so that your competitors will not know about it. Only buyers who are qualified and able to buy the website will be allowed to bid on the listing. The broker that you hire must request the buyers to sign a non disclosure agreement before allowing them to place a bid.