A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Success

Many artistic and industrious people are pursuing graphic design careers. Graphic design is a perfect blend of, art, design, business and industry. Graphic designers are in high demand and the industry is growing fast. Graphic designers are uniquely positioned to enter the work force as a team member for a tech industry giant or go it alone as a freelance designer. These tips can act as a graphic designer’s guide to success.

1. Don’t Stop Learning Ever

One of the biggest mistakes a new graphic designer can make is thinking that they already know the best solutions to every problem. There are a ton of tricks and strategies that can only be learned through trial and error.

When you’re joining an established graphic design team chances are, everyone there knows more than you. Simply because they have already had the opportunity to put their education and skills to work in real life situations. Make sure you take advantage of the professionals you have access to. The more you can pick up from your veteran colleagues the stronger you’ll become in the future.

If you’re freelancing you have to try even harder to stay on top of the ever changing field of graphic design. Go to industry conferences, and start building a network of allies. Ask a ton of questions and use your network of professionals to help strategize through challenges.

2. Have A Strong Communication Infrastructure

As a graphic designer you are in the communication business. You will have to  communicate with clients and coworkers through multiple avenues. In order to ensure business success you’ll need to be on top of your telecommunication and internet access.

Looking for business solutions that can handle all your needs without crushing your finances is a huge business advantage. Solution like Voice over IP, can allow you to consolidate all of your communications into an affordable package and offer some great business benefits. MegaPath business class VoIP solutions writes on the future of VoIP, “feature-rich IP phone systems continues to increase as businesses look to streamline communications, improve collaboration, and support mobility.”

3. Listen To The Client

If your looking for a career in graphic design you’ll have to work with clients. Working with clients is always challenging. They have their own ideas, some good and some bad, some feasible and some maybe not. A successful graphic designer must listen to their clients wants. In the end they’re your only real boss. It doesn’t matter if your a freelancer or a team member, if the client isn’t happy you’re in trouble.

Always take advice from clients into consideration. Trying to find strategies to give the client what the think they want and at the same time give them what they actually need, can lead to never considered breakthroughs. The struggle will make you a better graphic designer and a more successful business owner.

4. Be Ready to Adopt New Technologies

New innovations are always being created. If another professional recommends a new technology don’t discount it right away. Giving new tech a chance to prove itself may save you a ton of time and a ton of money.

This is especially import for the freelancers, and small graphic design business. If you’re trying to run a small business with just a few employees, or on your own, you have to find the best solutions for your business and always be looking to save money where you can.

5. Seek Critique

The importance of critical thinking can not be exaggerated. Graphic designers are artist and arts become very close to their work. Sometimes too close to see their own mistakes or pitfalls. Before you turn any finished project over as completed seek outside critique.

Critique can come from the client, a coworker or from your network of professionals. No matter where you turn, get a second or third set of eyes on every project. Listen intently and don’t shut down when things get tough. Critique can be hard, someone else is tearing your work apart and pointing out all it’s faults and liabilities.

Consider all the critique, then be true to your intentions. Some of the critique might be sound but it might take your project away from it’s true intention. When considering critique a successful graphic designer will be able to implement the critique which will help strengthen the project’s intention while respectfully dismissing the other suggestions.

6. Be Brave

If your going to be a successful graphic design you need to take chances. You need to get out of your comfort zone. You need to take on projects you don’t think you can handle. You need to be a brave designer and brave business owner.

You can be brave and calculated. These ideas are not mutually exclusive. That means you can take chances and be brave without being reckless and irresponsible. You want to surprise yourself without defeating yourself.

Take on a project that might be bigger than you think you can handle, but not so big it’s destine to fail. Then fearless dig-in and get it done. This is your time to pull in all your other skills. Call on your network for help, listen to advice, learn something new to help, rely on your tech and infrastructure, and when your done have it critiqued. When your finished all the hard work will be worth the feeling of success, and the new found bravery will only grow.