4 Businesses that Only Need WordPress

You can spend thousands of dollars creating a website, or you can depend on a platform like WordPress where it’s so fast and easy a Luddite could do it. The vast majority of Americans research and window shop online before making a purchase (whether that purchase is online or in stores), so having a website isn’t an option. However, how that website comes about certainly is up for grabs.

WordPress is arguably the most well-known of “build your own website” platforms, but it’s not the only one. There are many options for free website building and management, and it’s just a few dollars per year to upgrade to a “.com” or other more professional looking site. Is your business the type that’s a perfect match for such a platform, or do you really need a professional at the helm? Here are a few of the biggest businesses and industries that could probably take care of website building:

1. Law firms

Chances are you’re not regularly updating information outside of a blog. You have practice areas and descriptions of them, contact information, and maybe some links to relatable laws that your clients may be interested in. Any website that doesn’t have a lot of roll over is a good candidate for a WordPress site.

2. Salons

You might have a blog or gallery, but these are likely the only parts of your site that are updated regularly. Otherwise, you might offer appointments online, have a list of services and prices, and an introduction to your crew. Salons and spas don’t have a lot of big changes, making them an ideal match for WordPress where they can handle updates themselves.

3. IT help crews

If you offer IT support from search engine optimization to social media campaigns, you’re already a techie and probably don’t need someone else taking care of web development for you. Plus, your services, prices and other information likely doesn’t change that often. You probably have a blog, but that’s the only part of the site that’ll experience routine changes.

4. Restaurants

Unless you’re constantly changing up the menu, restaurants don’t experience many shifts. You might have special theme nights, daily specials or other tid bits to share, but those are easily added onto the homepage and/or shared via social media.

However, businesses such as e-tailers with big inventories, shopping carts and constantly new material will benefit from having a pro at the helm. Match your business’ need to the right website platform to make for a flawless web management approach.