3 Reasons Some Professionals Still Shy Away from WordPress

You’ve founded your own business, or maybe you were just given the title of CEO of a corporation you’ve been with for years. Once you’ve found yourself in the position to take control of a company’s virtual life, one big question looms: Should you outsource your web development needs to a professional, or DIY? With platforms like WordPress at the helm, it’s easier than ever to design your own site and manage it without having an engineering degree.

However, there are still many professionals overpaying for web design services when they don’t have to. Maybe you have a website that gives advice on investment properties; if that’s the case, you don’t need to pay someone $200 per hour to swap out your new logo. Only extremely high-traffic sites that have a high turnover rate can really justify outsourcing this task. Here are some of the biggest reasons people are still holding back:

1. It seems intimidating

If you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, anything like this is going to be intimidating. However, WordPress was designed to be truly easy to use and intuitive. Of course there will be a learning curve, but if you don’t try then you’re not going to keep pace with your peers and competition. At the very least, it will be a learning experience and you’ll probably discover just how easy some of those “webmaster tasks” can be.

2. It’s expensive

You can actually spend as much or as little (as in “nothing”) to design a website as you like. With WordPress, there are countless high quality free “themes” and the same is true on a number of other platforms. The only thing you’re spending is your time, but since you’re gaining skills it’s a fair trade. You get what you pay for isn’t necessarily true when it comes to web design.

3. It takes a lot of time

Initially getting a WordPress page up can also take as much time as you like. It depends on how much information you have to share. However, once you set up the basic “About,” “Products/Services” and “Contact” pages, it’s often full enough to go live. However, remember that if you’re just facing a lot of time posting information, it’s probably more affordable to hire an admin person to do this busy work rather than a webmaster.

Think you can’t do WordPress? Give it a try and see how easy it is. Explore, discover and stop overpaying for web services.