5 Top Website Development Trends for 2018

Change is inevitable in every sector of the economy. Most of the web development trends that were observed last year are expected to be applicable this year. They will keep undergoing improvement as new ones find their way into the world of web development. It’s imperative to keep up with the latest trends and implement them in order to position your brand for success. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the trends that are set to redefine the web development process.

1. Chatbots

Tech giants like Google and Facebook have been investing in AI-driven chatbots for some years now. The main goal of chatbots is to offer human-like experience to online visitors, thereby encouraging engagement. Most of the businesses that want to connect with their customers on a deeper level around the clock are already optimizing chatbots. These tools assist visitors with different tasks like searching for information, shopping, purchasing a product, subscribing to a service and even making payment. Chatbots have the capacity to give real time answers to frequently asked questions. In fact, they are useful whether you are offering a product or services.

2. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications also known as PWAs were first introduced in 2015. They are a hybrid of websites and mobile apps and are gradually taking over from the latter. There is absolutely no need for installation and they offer an app-like experience each time. Chrome usually suggests that visitors should add it to their home page if it’s a site that they frequently visit. PWAs are reliable, fast and allow users to receive instant notifications. Another benefit is that they have the ability to load when the network connection is poor. There is currently no support for service workers on the iOS platform. As a result of this, only android users can enjoy PWAs.

3. Static websites

Static websites were the norm several years back. Later on, dynamic websites which users find easy to use and update became the best option. In this year, advanced static generators will merge the functions of a CMS and a static website to get the best of both platforms. Static websites are coming in a brand-new dimension with benefits that include low cost, optimal security and fast speed.

4. Single-page websites

A great number of site owners now opt for one-page websites due to the fact that they are clutter free. All the important information is placed on a single page with easy navigation that basically involves scrolling. Several businesses can have the opportunity to showcase their product or services in a less complex way. It is unarguably the best option for mobile with the user-friendly interface that it provides. The cost of Website Development and design can be drastically reduced with this option.

5. Motion UI

Advanced motion UI is getting more popular. Animations help users to include more styles and make your website to stand out from the crowd. This ensures that web visitors discover what they are looking for quickly. The coding of user interface in motion is relatively easy to comprehend. The interface enables site owners to optimize animations and comes with different options with full support for personalization.