Basic Law for Bloggers and Content Creators – Infographic

Those of you who think legal issues and copyright infringement isn’t a big deal should think again. You might have cheated your way through high school without being caught, but now it’s easier than ever to identify information theft. The problem of copyright infringement, or at least being confronted about it in a court of [...]

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Top 5 WordPress Backup Plugins

The good news for WordPress users, is that along with automated backups provided by your website  hosting company and the option to download a copy of your site via FTP, you also have a number of excellent plugins available to do the job for you. Below, I run down just five of the best free [...]

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How Safe is Your Hard Drive From Harmful Neglect?

As a designer, you probably don’t realize the importance of your hard drive until it is ruined or hacked or broken. You think of this essential piece of hardware as a peripheral aspect of your work because you are so focused on the functionality of your software. As a result, if you hear your hard [...]

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Best Pitfalls to Avoid When Designing Your First Website for Your Start-up

For many start-up entrepreneurs, the day their website goes “live” feels like the day their company gets “born.” A website done right the first time can give a huge leg up to a new start-up in terms of attracting investors, customers, partners and media coverage. A website done wrong, on the other hand, can chart [...]

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Best Themes for a Joomla Website

With today’s technology, the majority of individuals utilize the power of the Internet day after day, whether for shopping, blogging, or even just reading the news. It is a great tool for businesses and customers alike, and many factors have to be considered when creating a website. A significantly important step in the process of [...]

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15 Unique Free PSD Restaurant Menu Templates

If you owner of a restaurant or a food joint then you should know that what part a menu plays when you show it to a client. It is the mirror of your food point business and if that it is bad then you will be unable to inspire your clients and if your clients [...]

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Web Construction Has Never Been Easier

The Internet has developed at such a rapid pace that things have become much easier for the regular person with limited IT knowledge. As far as any business is concerned, a good web presence is essential in this modern world of e-commerce. This used to be quite a daunting prospect, requiring the assistance of IT [...]

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Top 3 E-commerce Themes

In today’s world, where the pace of life is pretty high and the mankind tries to spend a minimum time, Internet is an integral part. It provides unique opportunities for cheap, reliable and confidential global communications around the world. Thanks to Internet is available such a popular service as e-commerce. To be on a roll [...]

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How to Best Design Your Website For a Savvy Audience

Website design is a critical way for you to set yourself apart from your competition and retain more of your traffic. Modern web design is a compromise between the demands of SEO standards, the aesthetic choices that will keep your readers interested, and the nature and purpose of your site. In this post, we’ll go [...]

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Quick and Easy US Tax Filing For Independent Contractors

If you are a web designer that works as an Independent Contractor, tax filing can be complicated and time consuming. You will want to get it done as quickly as possible and get back to work, but will not want to leave money on the table, by missing deductions. Rather than hiring an expensive certified [...]

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