A Roundup of Social Login Widgets for WordPress

Nowadays visitors coming from different sources on your WordPress blog are almost always logged into one or more social media services during their visit. One of the many joys of using WordPress are the thousands upon thousands of widgets you can easily add to your website. There are a lot of widgets focused on your [...]

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10 Amazing Free Facebook Share Plugins for WordPress

Social sharing options are  must for any blog Blogger or WordPress. You want to make it easy for your visitors to share what you’ve written with their social networks so that others can discover your content. It is pretty common to see sharing and voting buttons of Facebook, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon or others social marketing [...]

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Overview on Tomography Imaging Technology

Tomography imaging technology can help businesses and students to learn all about the land that they are surveying. While businesses are spending money on land and trying to figure out what is underneath the land that they own, they must make sure that they are using tomography to make the most of their investment. While [...]

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20 Fantastic WordPress Blogging Premium Themes

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS solutions out there and people with demands choose it for their website because of it’s flexibility, customizability and almost unlimited range of features. There are numerous Premium WP Themes available in the Web designers’ market, that it can sometimes prove wearisome to hunt down and compile all [...]

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Increasing Productivity with Online Video Collaboration

Nowadays technology is evolving at a fast pace. Activities that we only imagined some years ago are possible and we have access to many different tools that can improve profits and productivity. Online video collaboration will allow the business to gather a team of professionals in order to collaborate and the best thing about this [...]

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15 Superlative WordPress Business Themes for Free Download

Whilst many business owners have been rather dubious of the benefits of having a web presence in the past, such thinking is becoming less and less prevalent. Free WordPress Themes are a great way to get a website or blog off the ground without it costing an arm and a leg. There are many different [...]

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Creating a Trending Web Site

When designing a website, keep in mind that you are designing for the consumer. Of course the company is ordering the design, but it has to be designed for their audience. This means that you, as the web designer, need to be aware of current trends. More people are turning to mobile usage of the [...]

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12 Cool Temporary Zodiac Tattoos

When you hear the word “zodiac”, what do you think about? Most people immediately think about their sign but few of them actually know what the Zodiac really refers to. Actually, the zodiac is a very important coordinate for astrology and astronomy, being described as an ecliptic coordinate system that shows the path of the [...]

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20 Overwhelming Illustration in Web Design Examples

There are many effective ways of creating a great impact with your website. One of the most versatile and largely overlooked is Illustration. Illustrative websites are fairly interesting to look at and even navigating at them can be fun. This is the surety that this style will grab the attention. Illustrations can give a lot [...]

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Need and Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of influencing the visibility of web page in a search engines’ un-paid (“natural”) indexed lists. All in all, the prior (or higher stacked up on the indexed lists page), and all the more as often as possible a site shows up in the SERP list, the more [...]

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